Last song of our final set.

I hate to be the bearer of more bad news on a morning like today….

I hate to be the bearer of more bad news on a morning like today, but here goes. Unfortunately, we’ve decided amicably to call it a day. Our show on June 22nd at Quarters Rock ‘n Roll Palace will be our last. We would really love to see as many friends as possible that night; especially those who have never seen us play. We’ll be giving away CD copies of our new EP Ancient Bloom at the show so, you know… incentive.

New EP “Ancient Bloom” available via bandcamp

Hey everyone, our latest release “Ancient Bloom” is now available for listing/download/purchase over at

It features 4 new recordings that we recorded in April at our home studio. This time, we got Justin Perkins from Mystery Room Mastering to mix and master this beast.

The CD master has been sent off, and we’ll have hand screenprinted digipaks at our next show.

State of the Union Address

It’s been a while since we dropped some news on ya.. we’ve just come out of a hiatus from playing shows… and have booked two shows – one in May 4th at Franks Power Plant and one in June 22nd at Quarters Rock ‘n’ Roll Palace. We’ll be unveiling some new material… come hang.

Speaking of new material, during our time off, we wrote some new songs.. scrapped a bunch of them… refined some old songs and recorded four tracks for an upcoming release. We’ve enlisted Justin Perkins of The Mystery Room to mix and master our EP. Outlook is pretty good that it will be pressed on vinyl, as we’ve begun developing artwork for it.

That’s all for now..

A good omen as we set forth in 2012

We’ve made it known that we’ve taken a winter hiatus to finish writing up our next effort. Today is the first Stock Options’ practice in 2012.

It’s about an hour before practice – I check my email, and what do we have here, but a recent review for our debut we put out last June. It’s actually a stellar review. Better late than never. Read it over at

Tonight at Cactus Club!

It’s Black Friday. Instead of wasting your money on pointless shit, come out and see us play with Maidens (it’s their record release show; you can buy that to satisfy the consumer in you), Drumlins and The Customary Silence. It’s our first show in over a month, and our last one for about that long as well. We’ll be playing a new song known as Youth in Conflict with the Law. It’s long and moody, just the way you like it.

The end of the world.

So, today is supposedly “the end of the world as we know it.” Well, we feel fine. We’re playing our “last” show for a while tonite, so we can get back to doing some songwriting. Tyler Maas at interviewed Kevin DeMars and published the article this morning. It pretty much sums up where we’re at as a band. See you tonight at the show.

Back to the kitchen, I smell something burning.

All those years in high school reading Maximum Rocknroll cover to cover, and this is what MRR had to say about our album (via email):

Thanks a lot for sending us the album, but we pretty strictly cover punk, hardcore and some garage. The disc sounds good, but unfortunately it’s outside of our scope. Thanks. – Maximum Rocknroll

Apparently, we’ve strayed too far from what can be considered “punk” to get a review in the hallowed pages of their fine ‘zine. Let’s chalk it up as one more example of being difficult to classify.

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