Hailing from Milwaukee, WI – Stock Options draws its influences from sources as varied as Black Sabbath, Bad Brains and DC post-hardcore – a variation which sometimes makes it difficult to confine their sound to one genre, influence or scene. Revered local radio station WMSE said it best when they tweeted: “Come for the instrumental post-rock, stay for the sludge.”

The band is comprised of seasoned veterans. The band’s drummer, Mark Sheppard, previously toured the U.S. and Europe as vocalist and guitarist for mathy hardcore band Forstella Ford. Over the years, he’s kept busy with a myriad of projects including: rock and roll band God & the Baby Jesuses and electronic crossover BLCK/MRKT/RGNS.

Guitarist Kevin DeMars, has most recently played drums for Disguised as Birds and guitar for Mother Orchis.

Martin Defatte, along with his bass playing, brings his 12+ years experience as an Art Director doing artist development for the independent music industry, including Mark’s band, Forstella Ford. During that time, he took a hiatus from playing in bands; the last notable band he was in was a pop-punk band during the 90s.

With a handful of shows behind them, a even more ahead of them and a shiny new recording, the band is poised and ready for whatever’s next. Check them out this summer and spread the good word.

Just don’t ask them for financial advice. Insider trading is illegal, you know.